The backstory

Jennifer Stavros was born Jennifer Giannerini in a small town in Illinois far far away from the City of Angels.  As the daughter of a corporate executive, and the granddaughter to an artist, she is an anomaly of juxtaposition often referring to herself as “black and white yet full of color.”

Even in her childhood, she could feel the surge of a big city lifestyle residing within her.  Ambitions grew in her like those towering buildings until finally, near immediately after her graduation from that high school in suburbia, she couldn’t fight them any longer.  With the assistance of her hero and father, she set sail to the west to chase gilded dreams.

That was ten years ago.  And oh the adventures that have happened since then have rivaled that of a movie.  Having failed at ever gracing the stage since she left all those years ago, as life happened the way it often does (a marriage, children, a divorce) , she aspires to live her everyday life by a mantra told to her back in her high school forays into theater “Always have them wanting more.”

Contained here you will find the cinematic memories of a Little Girl in a Big City of dreams as she navigates through its sampling of art, tech, culture and more that have composed the canvas she calls her life.

Want to know more?  Jennifer’s adventures can be found scattered across the web in both blue pill (professional) and red pill (personal) format.  Exercise with caution.  Or, if that isn’t enough either, you can contact her at writeme [at] littlegirlbigcity [dot] me and please let the letter be either something memorable to write about or something, dare I say, even better.

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