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Earlier today… 9.28.12

Scene: a spooky loft just outside downtown Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights

An error occurred. Please try again later.


This is the first Friday of being really in love that I’m not with you.. and may not see you.  The format is different but it’s because I’m different.

Fuck the format.

Fuck the rules.

Because in reality the memories and the moments aren’t always perfect.  Right darling?

“I’m getting involved with a writer.”

“It’s not so bad.  It’s pretty awesome actually.”

He was nervous.  I was too.  But that’s reality.  That’s… how things go.  How things.. come… and go.

Today I woke up and wrote yet another post elsewhere.  I was feeling enigmatic again.  Maybe a little bit profound as well.

The pages had to reload.  They timed out.  I went to link the song and the theme of this day.  I got the following message:

An error occurred. Please try again later.

And maybe it had a bit.  Maybe it was a sign to return to it later.  Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

We have plans for this weekend that were made in advance.  They may not happen.  It may be another day of quiet… or it could be another day with a phone call at an early hour… because you want to tell me how you feel.

Fridays aren’t the only days one can fall in love.  Because when you arrived…

Because when you disappeared.

Because when you reappeared.




An error occurred. Please try again later.

And I’m sorry.  I know I’m part of the reason that did.

Well… fuck you too damnit. I wish later were now… but the best things come with a fight… and sometimes it takes a couple before we finally get it right.

Even if it’s not tonight dear hero of my heart.