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10:15 pm 8.15.2009

Scene: A room with clothes scattered everywhere and brightly colored paper lanterns, West Los Angeles

He was wonderful.

They always are.

And up until that night it had just built up and built up and…

I was still pretty broken.

He was too.

Perhaps he still is.

Perhaps… I’m not as much anymore.

But I digress.

He’d invited me to dinner.  We ended up at one of my most favorite places in the city.  I forget if he had ever been there.  He has this child like wonder about him with everything… you probably wouldn’t believe it even if he had.

They had bacon wrapped scallops!  Thinly sliced carne doused in garlic and other delicious baths lined a hibachi grill in the center of the table.

The whole experience was jovial.  Laughter filled the air with quips and punch about art, politics, polyamory, geekiness and oh so much more.

And then he brought me home.

The vibrant hum died down a bit. It was quiet and dark. Above us hung colored paper lanterns.  My clothes were a mess on the floor… but I still had mine on as well.

“Hold on.” I said breaking the silence a moment.

I turned around and started punching away at keys.

“Dance with me?”

And the stars got a bit brighter.  The brightly colored fish on the curtain smiled back at me and winked. He held me as we danced.

He had a firm but gentle presence about him. He commanded the evening and didn’t even need to say a word. He took my breath away with just his existence and…


It was, hands down the most amazing first kiss I’ve ever had.