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1:00pm 2.29.12

Scene: a home in residental Riverside, California, sixty miles away from Los Angeles

Image courtesy of Zimbio via Source: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images Europe

My dad loves baseball season, but for a few moments there was some downtime so he started to watch the Olympics.  Some of my coworkers and friends are all a buzz about this.  I’m not one to rush to watch.

“They’re from San Juan Capistrano. I wonder why they came from there…” my dad chimed, attempting to get our attention away from the game of cards my son and I were playing in the next room.

“Dad I think you’re the only person not in a bar who actually cares about the Olympics.

“I bet Ethan doesn’t even know what the Olympics are.”

“What are the Olympics?” my son asked me.

“Well son the Olympics are a celebration every four years where countries come together to prove they are the best at the sports no one would give a crap about any other time of the year except for the Olympics. They want to compete to show they are the best of the best for their country.  Can you guess what sports are being showcased at the Olympics?”


“Think about it.  Sports that no one cares about.”


“Yes that’s one.  Can you think of any more?”

My son looked at the stack of Martian Fluxx cards in front of us then back at the screen where my dad was watching beach volleyball.  Perhaps he’s too young to care about the scantily clad beach bunnies.  Perhaps there really is some of me inside of that young brain of his.

“Mom can we just play cards?”

That’s my boy.  That’s my boy.