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1:30am 3.27.12

Scene: a white room in a famed Hollywood apartment

“I have to work in the morning.”

“I’m having a great time though.  Aren’t you?”

“Very much so.”

The night had been exquisite.  Dinner and chatting and… more chatting.  There was so much conversation that hours drifted away like nothing.

“I think the cats are getting it on again.”

We laughed.  Sitting across from eachother on the couch all we could do was laugh.

“More champagne?”

“Yes please.”

And so it continued.  The evening poured on and on…

“It’s empty.”


“Yes but um.. it’s not the best time right now.  I need to work in the morning.”

“I understand.  I’ll make sure you get to work.”

Things progressed to the bedroom.  His room was white.  His sheets were white.  White pages and fresh starts indeed.  It scared the crap out of me.

“It may not be the best time for this right now.”

“I told you I’ll get you to work in the morning.  It’s not a problem.”

“That’s not it.”

“Well what is it?”

I knew how fast everything was going.  I knew I had to be in the office.  I wasn’t nervous about that.  I wasn’t nervous about him.  I looked at him one more time.

Well maybe if you can make sure I get to work we can cuddle a little bit.