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8:00 pm 5.18.12

Scene: the Bathtub Gin  & Co.bar, Seattle

We’re going to meet up with my friend from South Africa right now.

“I can’t wait to see you!”

“Eventually.  We’re lost.”

That bar was hidden.

“It’s by Hotel Max.”

“You mean Hotel Douchebag.”

“Yes Hotel Douchebag.”

It took us a few minutes but eventually we found it.  Practically buried underground we walked into the inviting, charming cellar that is the Bathtub Gin & Co. bar.  Seated downstairs were three other women in the party.  One was her visiting friend, the others were friends of hers both from Los Angeles at one point- one currently in the area and the other moved up North as my best had.

We took our place on a dark leather couch in front of a barrel to order our drinks.  There would be cocktails.  Jedi mind trick anyone?

“This all looks great but I love ordering off the menu.”

“Do you go to a lot of places down in Los Angeles?”

“I do.  I could tell you some secrets.”

And that’s what we proceeded to do.  We talked and shared our worlds… our very different overlapping worlds.  Three of them worked in the medical field.  Two in physical therapy.  One in psychology.  There was a comment made about a darker side of relationship therapy.

I looked over at my best friend.  We were both in our own conversations at the time.

“Take a look at that ring!” one of the women exclaimed.

She’s getting married.  I was happy for her.  I’d always known it was going to happen but nothing had been said officially.  When he moved up there with her that was a sure sign.  However, despite talking nearly daily, she’d never mentioned it.

“Ahem.  What the fuck I talk to you every damn day.  How come you never told me?”

We laughed.  I shrugged it off.  The secrets kept pouring in.

“My ex husband..”

It was the theme of the evening.  And then we all realized it.

“Wait wait are we all ex wives?”

It was true.

This was such a strange trip.  Everything about it was surreal… just like this moment.

We raised our glasses for a toast.

“Here’s to our past… and to our much better future because of it.”