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8:45am 5.7.2012

Scene: a busy coffee shop in downtown Los Angeles

A new outfit fit for snobbery and a hankering for espresso brought me in that morning.  Not because I needed it, but because I wanted it.

There are days when I simply haven’t put much effort into getting dressed.  The office I work in has a very lax dress code policy.  It seems that no one dresses up here.  Dressing up has less appeal here.  No one notices and we have so few walk in clients, it tends to get wasted on dry cold air.

On a rough day I will frequently take a few minutes and sneak outside for a break to people watch.  Growing up, working downtown amongst the suited corporate elite was a dream.  Now, the dream doesn’t exactly match the reality.  It’s funny how that happens.

Most days when I go in I give a fake name.  But something about that day was different.  Something in the air made me reject the notion of yet another coffee ring with “Sylvie” “Abby” “Rin” or whatever acronym caught my fancy.  It was a strange feeling of inner complacency.  Maybe the therapy really is working.

“What’s the name on this?”


While somedays it’s good to be someone else, damn does it feel good to be everyday.