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11:46pm 3.24.12

Scene: a spooky themed loft just outside downtown Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights

“Are you at Ruin?”

“Fuck no.”

“At any of the events?  You went to Ruin last month.”

“I’m on my way to Dance Bitch via El Pollo Loco.”

“Ha.  Have fun.  You never called the other night.”

“You didn’t ask me to!”

“Call me now?”

I was about to head out to an event with a gal pal.  I had had a mishap when attempting to lighten my hair earlier this week and wasn’t sure how I felt about the in between.  His hat assisted wonderfully.  It was for this reason that I was really hoping to dodge him… at least for the time being so I could not have to worry about giving the hat back.

We talked.  My friend arrived with me still on the phone.

“I’m going out to dance with my friends.”

“You don’t dance.”

“Yes I do.”

“You never did with me…”

Somewhere along the way, the call dropped.

“Why did you hang up?”

“I didn’t.  Call dropped.  Going to Batcave.”

“But I want to see you.”


And so I arrived at the gothed out extravaganza that is the Batcave.

“Who was that?”


“You really should just not talk to him.  He’s not worth your time.”

“I know.  But I still care.”

We navigated through the bar and met up with some other friends.

To dance.

To the smoking area for my friend to feed her habit.

Throughout the night he would continue to text.  I would continue to respond.

“You’re only feeding a troll.”

He called while we were on the smoking porch.

“How do you know [so and so]?”

“She’s a friend.  I met her at [redacted]. Why do you ask?”

The call dropped again.  It was too loud out there anyway.

“Call me when you can talk.  I miss you.”

“He misses me.” I told the friends.

They rolled their eyes.

“Of course he does.  Let him.”

I put the phone in my jacket pocket and walked away.  On the outside, I probably looked strong.  After all that he’d done, I shouldn’t be talking to him again.  He’d already done this twice.  I should have known that he’d be back yet again.

I couldn’t think about it anymore.  I jumped back on the dance floor with your hat.

You say I never danced with you… but that night, even if you weren’t there… we did.