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5:58pm  4.4.12

Scene: a bus stop in Silverlake right near Sunset Junction, East Los Angeles

“In Silverlake now.  Eta?”

It was silent.  I started to walk towards the intended meeting spot before I saw a vintage shop I hadn’t encountered before.  Oh how I love this neighborhood.  I wish I came here more often.

The boots called to me from outside and down the street.  I’d been desiring a pair of black half bucked boots.  I didn’t think they’d fit but…

“I’ll just have a peek.  It wouldn’t hurt I suppose.”

And when I slid them on they were a bit tight but that didn’t matter.  Boots are made to be worn in.  And oh what a grand pair these were.  I found another pair of camel hair heels in a zebra design before exiting to continue on to the next destination.

And the time passed so fluidly.

Circus of Books was next.  A couple of new foreign magazines to assist me in deciding the new hair style.

“I just finished my meeting.  Intellegensia closes at 8.  With traffic I can’t make it before 7:45 so we should meet somewhere else.  Ideas?”

It was already 6:37 then.  This client knew I traveled on public transportation.  This was supposed to be the happy medium between downtown and the West side.  I should have been aggravated but for some reason, I wasn’t.  I headed towards a bus going back towards downtown but not before stopping in Secret Headquarters for a few comics.

“Which books do you still need?” I asked my son.

“Mom I told you I need issues 1 and 3 and the movie diary.  Did you forget?”

“I wanted to make sure.  You know.  Because I’m an old lady and all.  But Ethan we need to start getting you reading some fun stuff too after you’re done with this.  Something with zombies or scary stuff.  Zombies are our friends.. just like Jesus this weekend!”

“Mom you’re not supposed to say that!”

“But it’s true.  What happens when someone comes back from the dead?”

“They turn into a zombie.”

“That’s right!  So that’s why this weekend is zombie Jesus day.”

My client and I agreed to meet at my favorite bookstore downtown.  I sat and read a couple of new single issues of a new book and thumbed through my new fashion magazines.  I was covered with packages.  For being flaked on, this wasn’t a terrible night.  I didn’t usually venture out to that area by myself and now I was thinking it might need to be done more often.

The night progressed to more of the same.  This client had very little value for my time.  I walked around and got lost in the city.  The air was crisp and seemingly carried me away.  I got to see the Ansel Adams prints I’d been wanting to see since last month.  The book store was warm and soothing.  I began to hear the beep of my phone about to die.  The client was still no where to be heard from.  Nonetheless, I was glowing.

Sometimes the best adventures are the ones you stumble into.