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1.31.12  8pm

Scene: a train depot turned into a brewery, Glendale

Several years ago, among my first introductions to the technology world were of the infamous Geek Dinners- an extension of the Barcamp community.  However, like many good things, this came to an abrupt end due to politics, catty bickering, and, overall not fun times.

There is a woman who has a history of taking events that once were awesome and ruining all the fun out of them.  This year, as a commitment to the community and myself, I wanted to bring back the fun I’d remembered from those Geek Dinners back when I first arrived into LA with more promise and hope than it had ever been.

I’d talked to a friend about bringing the event back for a long time and had posted in the Facebook group regarding my intentions back in 2010 when the event came back as a one time redux.  After dealing with a considerable amount of politics, me and a team member were able to conquer it however and the new dinner was officially here.

I was exhausted when I arrived to the brewery.  I’d barely had time to hop in the shower since I’d returned home from my trip to Vegas with my sweetheart.  I probably looked of hell.  The trip had been intense and satisfying and I’d had very little sleep.  But I’d made a commitment to being there.  And despite my dearest not being able to attend, I was ever so excited to be in attendance. I had no idea what to expect.  I was hoping that there would be a decent turnout.  I was humbled by what greeted me as I walked in.

Even with the outside obstacles of naysayers and potential problems, I really am stronger and more successful when I put myself out there than I give myself credit.