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1.19.12 9:05am

Scene: Spring Street, downtown Los Angeles

I’d just gotten my hair cut and dyed that weekend.  I had to run an errand before work as I’d lost my phone at a thrift store while out with my son the weekend prior and was sending back a defective back up phone I’d purchased.  Blue houndstooth dress, black pea coat, grey knit scarf, combat boots.  It was gorgeous out and I was glad that I had an excuse to walk around the city a bit longer before going to work.

My former roommate Shelly usually walks in the mornings around there.  I didn’t expect to run into her, but it was nice.

“Oh my god you cut your hair!  You look great!  How are you?”

“Yep. Did it this weekend.  Doing great.”

“How’s the new place?”

“It’s fantastic.  My roommate is a total sweetheart.  There’s a ton of space.  No offense but it beats being on a couch.  Speaking of couches, how’s our favorite couch surfer?”

“I told him he had to pay rent in February so he’s moving.  He will be gone in a couple of weeks.”

“Yeah.  That makes sense.” I said with a laugh and trying to hold back the “I-totally-saw-that-one-coming.”

“I heard he met someone.”

“Yeah that’s about all I know.  I was gone for the weekend again.  I don’t know what he’s doing.  I think he’s going to France though.”

“Hmm.  Good for him.  I wonder how he’s pulling that one off.  Ah well.”

We chit chatted a bit more.

“You sound really good right now.”

“Oh I am.  And sincerely thank you for all the help.  You were right about everything.  [The suited gent] was really just a boy.  I’m a grown woman, I deserve a man.  Eventually I will find one, but regardless, I’m not complaining about a damn thing.  Life is pretty awesome.”

We parted ways with hugs and smiles.  I am forever thankful for the entrances and exits in my life.

Without saying goodbye to things… without letting go… you’re never able to attain the things you deserve.

I’m glad that I said goodbye to you.  It was one of the best things I ever did.