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8:35am 1.23.2012

Scene: a cab enroute to Grand and [redacted], downtown Los Angeles

He gave me too much.  I think he was trying to be safe and make sure that I’d had enough to get back so handed me a bit more.  It felt similar to a scene in Breakfast at Tiffanys… minus the black dress, the sunglasses, the pearls, the long gloves, the breakfast, or the Tiffany’s part.  Perhaps another time though?

It’s raining in Los Angeles today.  On the cab ride cross town from his apartment I called my grandmother.  I miss her so much.

“How are you?  How’s grandpa doing?”

“He’s doing better.  He’s still recovering.  His memory is a little off.” she told me.  My grandfather had had surgery this week.  He is losing his memories.  But yet, he never seems to forget me.  He is always so happy every time I call.  Like when I called him Friday afternoon at work.

“I wanted to make sure you are alright.”

“I am.  Thank you so much for calling.  I love you so much.  I miss you.  How’s your motorcycle?”

I haven’t had the bike in nearly a year now.  I’d told him that before.

“Well Grandpa, it’s on vacation.  I’m really close to work now and so I just take the bus.  Besides, it’s cold and raining.”

“Where are you working now?  Do you have another job?”

“I do.  I’m actually at work now.  I don’t have much time to talk.  But grandpa I wanted to tell you something.”

“Yeah?  What’s that?”

“One of these days- soon- I’m going to call you because I want you to tell me your memories.  Stuff I don’t know.  Stuff dad doesn’t know.  Stuff that if you don’t let out, will be gone forever.  Can we do that?”

“Yes. That sounds nice.”

My grandparents are very dear to me.  I was worried.  I still am.  I don’t get to visit them nearly enough.

Grams and I talked for the duration of the cab ride.

“It’s raining today here.”

“It’s raining here too.  The snow melted.  It’s been a warm winter.  What’s been going on in your world?”

“I talked about you this morning with someone.  I couldn’t wait to call you.  How are Uncle Jean and Aunt Judy?”

“They ask about you all the time!”

“Grandma I was asked to go out of town this weekend.  I’m considering it.  It’s strange.  I’m going to Germany in May.  I want to travel more this year.  I want to see you.  I want to go to New Orleans.  I want to see the world.  Life is so unbelievably amazing right now.  I feel like I’m getting a high five from life every time I wake up.  I just wish I could see you more often for it.”

“It’s good to hear you so happy.  We love you and want nothing more than for you to be happy.”

The cab driver asked what side work was on.

“It’s across from the [redacted].”

“You sound like you have to go.  I’ll talk to you later. Love you.”

I paid the cabbie and exited.  I was early to work.  I could have gone home and changed.  I had a spare top in my bag.  I bought a new shirt at derby yesterday.  I had no idea I was going to be out all night.  I didn’t want to push it and cab home and then to work.

I walked to get crepes followed by chai.  Now past the security guard.

“Thanks for letting me in Friday night.” I said with a smile.

He laughed.  I went upstairs.  Sitting at my desk was a package with 3 dresses and some black pettipants.

I sent my not so secret santa a note thanking him for them.

“Your other things are enroute from the UK and should be there soon.”

What a hell of a start for Monday morning.