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4:13am 2.18.11

Scene: a bedroom in disarray in front of a laptop in Culver City, Los Angeles adjacent

Today was going to be legendary.  Perhaps almost as legendary as our introduction in the first place.  How’s the fairy tale start?  Oh yes… Once upon a time…

There used to be a site years ago called I’m in Like With You.  It still exists (under a different all around name), but not in the way that it did all those years ago.  The site, as it would turn out, would also be life changing.  Many relationships and connections of all sorts- romantic, professional, friendship, etcetera were gained from this site.  I am forever thankful that I was able to be a part of it then.  I honestly believe I may be a far different person had I not encountered it.

And so it goes.

He and I met through a game on there.  You see, the site used to be set up to incentivize building relationships, and gave a currency to these relationships.  It is, in my mind, how social capital later came about.  But that’s just an opinion, and, of course, everyone has one.

I felt the anxiety building as the time before the flight got closer and closer.  I talked to my friend Rabbit- a friend of mine for years as well- who I knew would be awake at that god awful hour.

“What this guy is thinking i don’t know. I think you should dress nice, be your usual pretty self and hop on the plane. Who could resist you, and who would even want to try?  Real life dream girls like you don’t happen every day.”


“It’s true miss.”

“Real life dream boys like him don’t happen every day either.”

What’s going to happen I don’t know.  Things like this take steps.  Here goes a leap of faith as I get ready to board that plane not knowing if…

And words he said to me earlier echo in my mind with a calming peace.

“Can’t this be the sweet meeting we’ve dreamed of?”

As you wish my dear.

2000 miles. Step 1.

See you in a just a few hours.

At last.