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6:30 pm 4.10.08

Scene: a sushi bar in the Valley

The whole thing wasn’t exactly the greatest thing ever.  I’d taken the bus down to meet him.  I was dressed cute and demure.  Looking at the photos now, his interest in me bordered on creepy.  I looked ridiculously young then.  I was ridiculously young.  But maybe it was the blonde hair.

He picked me up from the stop and brought me to a sushi place. He- the A-typical Los Angeles guy: tall with black hair, white tshirt, jeans.  Me- a tiny girl with blonde hair tossed in a low ponytail, spaghetti strapped tank top and jeans.

“Asahi or Sapporo please and whatever else she wants.  Is that alright?”

“Yeah that works.  Thanks.”

The conversation was lacking any depth.  We didn’t sit and have deep conversations about art or philosophy (even though he’s a Taoist so you would guess there would be some room for discussion bubbling upstairs).   We talked about video games, work, travel, restaurants and the day.  We might as well have been talking about the weather.

That was about the most intense it got.

He might have been an on-air personality, but off-air he wasn’t anything special.  Don’t get me wrong, he was a nice enough guy for the time to some regard, but in other ways he was very much so that A-typical California cliche.

It was about everything I expected.. with a few peaks of disaster and/or “my luck” as usual.  We wrapped up the meal and headed back to his place.

“So we’re here now.  What do you want to do?”