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10pm 11.25.11

Scene:  Not a jazz club, Little Tokyo

A friend of mine from my last webhosting company was playing a show.  I had been wanting to support him but things had been very hectic over the past year.  I decided that night that it was finally the due date and hopped the bus out towards Little Tokyo.

I arrived to see several friends that I hadn’t seen in months.  Time gets away with you faster than you’d think.  There were so many smiling familiar faces.  I felt bad I hadn’t come sooner.

My friend and I headed up to the bar to get our drinks as the opening acts started to play.

A punk rock version of Power Rangers played by a girl with blue hair?

“This is awesome.” the friend said.

And act after act came on.  I was not entirely impressed.  The bar’s name made me believe that perhaps there would be jazz.  It felt as far from it as one could imagine.

I told the tale of our serendipitous couch surfing affair to my friend.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a sign that screamed out at me.

“The Cocaine Loves You!”

But you weren’t there.  At least, not physically this time.  The irony of it all, was that was very likely where you were that night- off doing coke with your friends up in the valley as you had been doing several days out of the week since I’d arrived on that couch.

“I should know better.” I said as I continued to drink.

My friend smiled and just shook his head.

Why don’t I listen to my friends more often?