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12.20.11 8:52Am

Scene: Broadway & 6th, historic Downtown Los Angeles

Ah the morning routine.  It’s comfortable.  It’s quiet.  It’s fun dancing down the streets of downtown and never knowing who or what you will encounter.  But I’ll tell you a secret that’s not really much of a secret- you might encounter something wonderfully fantastic if you time it just right.

My place with the suited gent is just a few blocks around the corner from work.  On the way, however, are more than a handful of historical buildings that… well let’s just say I have a relationship with.

On the side entrance to what was the Los Angeles Theatre is a dead ended alleyway.  It is a favorite place for dozens of pigeons every single morning.  And every single morning I do the same thing.  This one, I happened to get caught.

I put “Eye of the Tiger” on as I rounded the corner coming up to it.  I was channeling my inner panther.  The words from a Three Stooges show echoed in my mind:

“Step by step.  Inch by inch!”

I looked over from my lifted camera phone to my left to see that people in the building right before the alleyway were watching me.

I held up one finger to my lips and continued my mission.  Moments later, a flurry of birds went in the air.  I ducked and looked over to see the people still watching me.   I pointed at the sky.

“One of these days, I’m going to catch you birds!”

I laughed.  They laughed.

God I love mornings in downtown.