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3:30pm 1.2.12

Scene: suburbia Los Angeles, Claremont California

“We need to get out of the house today.  It’s far too gorgeous for us to stay in and play video games.” I told my nine year old son.

“But Mom do we have to?”

“Yes we do.  Get your shoes on.  I will keep dancing and singing if you don’t.”

“Okay fine.”

He put up a bit of resistance.  My original plan to go miniature golfing didn’t pan out.  Apparently my dad had beat me to it yesterday.

“What are we going to do then?”

“You can go play basketball at the school.  You can show your mom.” Dad said.

We went to the garage and Ethan grabbed a basketball.  He started to dribble.  It hardly looked like it.  The ball was a bit flat.

“I don’t know where the air pump is so we’re going to a thrift store Ethan.”

“But Mommmm…”

“We’re going to look to see if there’s anything fun.  Maybe we can find something for your sister and your brother to send them.  Maybe we can find something for us to enjoy.  Or we can stay here and I’ll just dance silly.”

“Mom you’re no fun.”

“You’re not allowed to say that until you’re my age.  You have no idea how fun and cool your mom is.”

“I don’t even know what age you are.”

“That’s good!  Let’s keep it that way!  Now get your shoes on already.”

We headed out on a quest for treasure with a couple of stops along the way.  The swing hanging under the tree gave the illusion of it being an entirely different season.  I took a few photos with him playing.  Leaves fell as he jumped down.

“You’re going to break it Ethan!  The world is falling down.  Look what you did!”

He laughed and we continued.  He ran ahead of me.  I was still complacent from my weekend.  From every moment of this new year being spectacular.  I saw some dandelion sunbursts in the neighbor’s yard.

“Ethan come here and look!”

“What is it?” he asked as he ran back.

I pointed at the dandelions.



“Free wishes!  It’s a new year.  We’re lucky.  Let’s make some wishes!”

“What should I wish for?”

“Anything you want.”


“Yes, anything.  Every day is chance to make a wish come true but you have to start by making them.”

“Ok.  Mom grab your wisher.  I have one too.”

“One.  Two. Three.”