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8:45 pm 1.1.12

Scene: a partitioned room in a spooky historical loft, just outside of downtown Los Angeles

“I’ve never seen this.  Is it good?”

“Yeah.  Do you want to watch it?”


“I’m sorry I’m so exhausted today.”

I’d slept in the car on the way here back from San Diego.  My medication had hit me hard down there.  Add to that our late night out in San Diego with him pampering me and the buzz of Hollywood to buy some underwear for the No Pants Train Ride next weekend, and I had headache.

“If you give us your email, we have all kinds of exclusive parties…” the counter attendant at Frederick’s of Hollywood had told me.

“I’m a downtowner.  I’m not a fan of Hollywood.  But thank you.”

We’d driven back to my place.  It was going to be something quiet for now.  We’d get dinner later.

We laid in bed and just watched Ghost World. Of all the places that I could have been for the weekend.  Of all the people beyond family that I could have been with, I’d chosen him- the dark prince of my past.  The dark prince of my… ever constant.

He was due to leave back overseas the next day.  Our time together was very limited.  We could have been parading about the town tonight.   But this was comfortable.  This was something that… I am still not sure how to define even after all of these years.  Even after all of this history.

“What time is it?  Did you want to get something to eat?”

“We can go when this is over.  I’m in no rush.  This is just kind of… for lack of a better word… nice.”

He kissed my forehead and held me tighter.

“Yes it is.”