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2pm 9.24.10

Scene: An office sitting in front a computer, Mid Wilshire district Los Angeles

At work, on a break I was checking in to the latest thought bubble when I caught glance of it.  But first, a bit of a back story to the back story.  In my reality, there are mythical creatures amongst us- they are the artists, the entrepreneurs, the ever sparkling ones that when you come across make you believe in magic.  One young man in a far off land called Portlandia is one of them.

This fox made a cameo ages before this grand appearance via a tweet circa December 27th, 2009:

“You’ve gotta have your heart break really hard before you can really know what you want.”

Combined with the endorsement from this magical boy, I looked further to find out that this was also magical company.  I began following her exploits immediately but it wasn’t until this day that I would actually start the path of knowing her outside of that online realm.

I rarely get the guts to approach women.  I’m not sure what happened that day.  Oh I know what it was… it was the allure of pancakes and bacon.  Her tweets popped up as I entered my update.  I fear, I don’t always catch things.  She was talking about how she’d bought a cupcake perfume but it smelled of pancakes instead.

“What kind of person is drawn to a girl that smells like pancakes?”

“Me. I guess it sucks to be you.” I tweeted.

I laughed as the updates continued.

“I should save the pancake scent & wear it after bathing with bacon soap under the solar shower at burning man. Boy, I’d be a hot commodity.”

God I love e-pancakes.