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9:30pm 4.18.9

Scene: On the Rox, Hollywood

“I was informed that the party tonight will be a costume party.”  I told Mo as I got the text.

We had wandered the streets of West LA in search for that certain something but hadn’t quite found it.

With a bit of his help however, I was on my way: clad in a smile, caution tape, white lace gloves, heel, skirt, and long jacket.  Tonight was going to be fantastic.

It was back when all the technology someones were still introducing themselves.  If you weren’t there, it was almost as if you didn’t exist. It feels like ages ago.  So many of them have gone to bigger and greater things.  Have you been keeping track of all of them?

Making a statement was paramount.  So what better way for a girl known as “Scandalous” to make her mark?

I pulled up to the bar sometime right before ten.  I watched as friend after friend entered the bar and walked up the stairs dressed in the silliest and sexiest garbs.  Afro wigs.  Pimp outfits.  Hawaiian shirts.  Captain hats.  Guns and foxy drapery.  I am ever so lucky to be surrounded by such colorful and inspiring minds.

The most glittering and upcoming people in the Los Angeles tech scene were here in Hollywood shining up the stage.  We chatted.  We drank.  We watched one by one go up on the stage and belt their lungs out.  And then it came time to nearly say goodbye.  We all gathered onstage and joined in chorus as Mark Jeffrey grabbed a hold of the mic.

This truly was the father of all karaoke parties.