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130pm 5.5.11

Scene: a parking lot outside a convenience store, Lincoln Heights

“The interview went really well.” I told my friend as I got into the car.  It was dreadfully hot outside and I was near the point of heat stroke.  Thankfully, home wasn’t far away.

“Awesome.  When will you know?”

“Soon. Give me a second I’m driving.”

I backed up the car as a classic burgundy mustang zipped in.  It was too late.

I got out and talked to the other driver.  It couldn’t have come at a worse time.  My car insurance had lapsed.  He was calm about it and was willing to work with me.

I took a deep breath and got back into my car. I turned left out of the parking lot and eased my way into the intersection to turn left again.

In the opposite direction is a bit of an incline.  It is not uncommon for people to fire down this piece of road enroute to the freeway.

As I looked to check if it was clear it felt as if time sped up.  The next few seconds could have been hours.  A car veered and screeched its tires behind me to turn left.  Another car next to me blurred on the other side.  The next thing that I saw was the van.

I got out of the car and talked to everyone.

“Is everyone ok? Is everyone ok.”

A family appeared and walked around.  Everyone nodded their heads that they were alright.  Everyone.. except him.

“Why the fuck did you hit my cousin’s car?”