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2:00pm 10.19.2011

Scene:  The Brewery Artist colony, Lincoln Heights, just outside downtown LA

The rains came and washed over the old Brewery in waves of downpour and speckled silence.  The sky lit to a vacant shade of white.  Is it irony in the former Pabst Blue Ribbon brewery yet again?  Or just coincidence.

The canvas of the sky commanded to be painted and the girl searched her soul for the ways to do it.

I was stir crazy.  The job search had been arduous.  The path to my destiny felt unanswered but I was relatively disaffected by it all.

How could someone be so lost and yet found at the same time?

As the rains came down that day I laid on the concrete floor of my friend’s loft and dreamed dreamed dreamed.  I couldn’t bear it anymore.  I had to get out.

I grabbed my coat, a notebook, and a pair of purple polka dot galoshes.  The world and I were going to have a chat.

I walked around the grounds and explored.  The orange red of the rust covered buildings became even more vibrant as it pressed on.  As I pressed on without a care in the world but the weight of the world.

The rains poured on me.  There was no sunshine.  None of it mattered.  Nothing mattered.  All there was was dancing in between those raindrops- if nothing more than in my mind’s eye.




An overcoming wave of peace washed over me as the world whispered an answer as simple as that white backdrop.

“This is your canvas.  Do with it as you will.”