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1:45pm 11.27.11

Scene: a vintage dress and accessory shop, downtown Los Angeles

I’d walked past it several times but hadn’t walked in yet.  My pocketbook was in savings mode.  I needed to save for that new place I had yet to find and call home.

Her name was Bonnie.  She had been collecting vintage pieces for many years.  Her son was three.  She was dressed to match this gorgeous little shop of hers.

I waded through gorgeous piece after gorgeous piece.  I’d love to tell everyone about her little shop, but at the same time, finding it was like finding that hidden treasure at the bottom of the cereal box.

I nearly left that day without buying anything until I saw it draped on a rack with several other colorful silk dresses.  I knew immediately I was going to buy it.

I found a pair of hanging earrings and told her that I was definately buying them.

We chatted about her shop.  About how much my grandmother has spoiled me by giving me so many amazing pieces that she’d worn in her younger days.  And, of course, we chatted about things with that certain suited gentleman.

“We’re couch surfers in the same place right now.  It’s a strange happenstance.”

“How long have you two been dating?”

“Not long.  We goof and say that we are not going to date.  But we both know that we are. This dress will help.  We both enjoy going to fancy places.  It’s a good compliment to what we already enjoy.”

“Are you in love?”

Things froze for a moment.  That was ridiculous.  Was I gushing that much?  That was craziness.  I just laughed.

“No I’m not in love but I’m having a good time.”