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7:50am 10.31.11

Scene: Grand St, downtown Los Angeles

It was only one bus ride away from the Brewery.  Twenty minutes to arrive.  I could practically see the building from the top of the loft I was residing in then.

This was a huge change coming.  It was what my father called his daily regimen: a position in a corporate building located in the center of downtown Los Angeles.  It was what I’d asked the universe for and it was happening.

I thought back to my time in Chicago back in February.  About the story of the stop on the L that formally would announce each stop’s name with “This is” in front of it.

So… this is Grand huh?

I thanked the driver of the bus and walked down the street to the number that would ultimately be my destiny.  I had a destination.  Little did I know that it would be the next important one.

A woman greeted me as I came into the office.  She was warm and sweet.  An angel in disguise.

“[The boss] will be right with you.”

My interview went exceedingly well.

“When will I hear from you?”

“You should hear from us later in the week.”

I smiled and shook his hand.  A suited chap.  My my how I do enjoy gawking at the suited chaps.  (But that’s a different story.)

I felt confident as I walked outside and greeted the crisp autumn air.  Do you know that feeling when you know you absolutely have no worries or cares about anything?  That’s how I felt when I walked out that day.  And that’s why I was humbled and happily unsurprised when I got the email the following day asking me to come in for a second interview.

This is Grand.