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9:21pm 11.18.11

Scene: a loft in Gallery Row, downtown Los Angeles

I don’t want him to move away.

“Isn’t it weird how naturally comfortable we all are together?” she asked.

I think back to not quite a week ago.  To the debut of the most adorable man I’d ever laid eyes on.  These would be the honeymoon days.  The days that I’d later look back on and glow thinking about.

Tonight as he was getting ready to go out with his friends, he made a point to stop and tell me goodbye, but slipped.

“I almost fell.  I almost fell for you!”  he said with a laugh.  And in my mind I wondered if something else slipped in that moment.

Perhaps it was nothing.

Perhaps it was something.

Perhaps it was both in that same moment.

I held his hand tight and kissed it.

“Have fun tonight.”

I don’t want him to move away.