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8:30am 11.29.11

Scene: a loft in Gallery Row, downtown Los Angeles


This part of the trip was always supposed to be a temporary spot.  I knew that from the immediacy that it happened, and had been forever grateful to this wonderful angel with a name to match.  On Monday morning she reminded me again.

“My friend is going to be here on the 16th.  I just wanted to give you a heads up because I want the apartment to myself then.  Even [the suited gent] will have to find somewhere else at least while my friend is here.”

Now, granted, I knew this was her space, and it had always been my intention to move sooner rather than later.  However, was she just telling me he had to be gone too to be polite or was it really true?

It’s none of my business either way.  I’m going to make it so.

Another morning with the suited gent and it came into conversation:

“I have to find another place to be when he comes in.  We might both be homeless then.”  he said with a bit of a light unknowing laugh.

A flashback entered my brain again.  This time was the day after I’d arrived…

“I heard you two come in last night.  You two are hilarious.”

“We had a good time.” I said as I looked to him and bit my lip with a smile.

“You know what’s going to happen right?”

We both looked at her in wide eyed wonder.

“You two are going to get a place together.”

I heard a text and snapped out of the daydream. The words fumbled, but made their way out.

“Well, maybe if I get my place by then you can stay with me that weekend.”