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745pm 6.11.11

Scene: a web awards show, Hollywood

The commute to Hollywood is nearly always attrocious but that night, I felt nothing as I drifted through the space of possibly something.  The moments had been building.  Many conversations had been had.  I hadn’t seen him in ages.

I was a few minutes late getting in.  Ah the Avalon.  Or, more accurate, Bardot, the bar that resides above it.  The building towers high above the clouds with its ornate architecture.  Inside, Bardot greets the stars with its skylights and luscious curtains.

Navigating through the crowds was a metropolis in itself.  There were so many delightful and colorful characters present: the steampunk crew, the sex blogger, the alternative artist curator.  In attendance was a menagerie of Hollywood web royalty.  But, as much as all of them mattered, they mattered very little.

A smile drew across my face as I caught glimpse of him.  This familiar stranger whose name may never be even whispered.  Tonight we will prance about in public without a single touch on skin.

“Hello how are you?” a woman says to me, breaking me out of my daydream.

Back to business little girl.  Back to business.