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7:30pm 11.25.09

Scene: A friends house on the West side, full of miscellaneous board games

“My computer finally bit the big one.  What should I buy to replace it?  I think it’s just a sign I need to get a laptop already.”

“What happened?”

“It crashed and burned.  I want to buy something.. tonight.”

“Black Friday is in a few days.  Just come over and you can borrow a spare laptop for a few days, but you have to get here fast.  I’m heading out to a Kiss concert tonight with a friend.”

I rivaled the Flash that night as I ran to the Firebird and jettisoned immediately over.




My dear friend greeted me with a smile as he watched me sway back and forth on my tiptoes inside my low to the ground car.

“I fucking hate parallel parking.”

“It’s good to see you.”  he said as he hugged me and escorted me inside.

The chatter continued as it does when you’re visiting an old friend.  How I wish I had more time to hear his stories.  How I wish I had more time to hear all of their stories.

In between laughter, the friend pecked away at keys as I told him tales of the latest mistake.  Apparently, it was a little bit too hard with that last comment.

“So Jena…”

“So [friend]…”

“You said you’d wanted to see Kiss a couple of days ago with a friend of yours didn’t you?”

“Yeah but it was in the OC so I couldn’t go.”

“So I kind of locked myself out of the laptop.   You’re not going to be able to get online tonight.  And I’m not a huge Kiss fan.  My friend is single and just got broken up with.  And… so did you.  Why don’t you just go instead?”

“You really locked yourself out of the computer?”

“Yes.  Sorry.”

“Well… is he cute?”

“Let me ask him what he thinks about this…”

I looked up to see the thumbs up.  Green light… heading to watch a Kiss concert in floor seats at the Los Angeles Staples Center with my friend’s lawyer friend.

Sure.  Why not?