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11:26pm 11.26.11

Scene: a dark windowpane facing a red bricked alleyway, Gallery Row Los Angeles

There are some scenes where you see in a movie but you don’t believe they would ever happen.  This night was one of them.

Over the holidays, the trio of Three’s Company had done their own things.  The lady of the house had gone up north for a few days, leaving the house for the suited gent and I to do what we will.

“Feel free to have as much sex as you want while I’m gone.” She’d said with a laugh just a few days prior.

On Sunday evening was the time where the three of us finally got to relax a bit, each in our own separate but intersected worlds.

There are many things about the suited gent, unbeknownst to this crowd as of current, that have lead several to believe that he truly is in his own little world.  He’d come home and chatted a few minutes with the ladies before going up to roost in the cave he calls his temporary (but long term) room.  It once had been occupied by a child far younger than this gent.  A little girl that loved the magic of make believe and childish whimsey.

The attachment to boyish dreams is part of his appeal.  He and I talked about his forays in movie watching this weekend as he hopped from Hugo to The Muppet Movie with several of his friends. I was disappointed at this news- a bit different than what I’d heard from other artist friends I’d seen earlier in the day.

My day, spent separately, had also been bustling nonstop go go go adventure.  Shopping downtown.  Mimosas and hamburgers (as classy ladies do).   Visits with friends.  Apartment viewings.  I’m not sure where this bird is going to land… and it’s simply fantastic.  Go go go.

At last, I was to retire to my computer and music.  The lady was on the couch.  He- in this cave.

The loft was dark.  I looked up to the windowpane at the red bricks that have greeted me these two weeks and smiled at the sight that filled the scene.  The light of his room illuminated a box on the wall of the building across the alleyway.  He truly was in another world… living across the alley.. in a yellow lit room surrounded by brick.

You were a fantasy cloaked  in reality.