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11:45am  11.10.9

Scene: a tax office in mid Wilshire

“I’m going to be having lunch with my father today.” I told the executives as I started packing my bags.

“We can’t wait to meet him.” they chimed back.

I was excited.  Dad has worked in big cities for my entire existence.

I think back to the days leading up to this moment.  Of how I didn’t understand the careful production in process as my mother piled of all of us kids in the car and drove to the station to pick dad up from the train after work.  Of the rush I got immediately as I caught glimpse of my dad getting off that train no matter what snowball I was throwing or bickering I was doing with my sister and brother at the time.

My whole life,  I had wanted that dream.  I wanted to ride a train to work in a nice office downtown and be just like my hero- my dad.  Now here it was.

Bells rang as the red office door swung open.  I felt a rush as I looked up from the email marketing campaign I had been setting up to start up to run while I was away.

“Are you ready?  Let’s go.”

There are some moments in your life that you build up in your head and never believe that they could ever live up to the dream.  This wasn’t one of them.

“Boss, I’ll see you in an hour.  I’m going to have lunch with my dad.”