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11:45pm 11.19.11

Scene: the streets of downtown Los Angeles

The Golden Gopher had a line and so did Seven Grand.  However the youngs in the night commanded libations to soar them further into the stars.  Downtowning on a Saturday night.  This is why it’s generally best to go during the week.

In my company was the unnamed dapper gent, clad in a camel hair tie and matching sweater, and the lord of the Bacon.

As bar after bar showed lines lines lines, we came to a consensus that we would just go to that one fanciful (and arguably legendary) sandwich shop with nostalgic cocktails.

I squeezed my way to the front bar and ordered our drinks.

“Two Mad Hatters and a Guiness.”

“Manhattans or Mad Hatters?”

“Mad Hatters.  Can you do it?”

“Let me check.”

I returned back to the table and told the boys the drinks were on their way.

“What did you order?”

“I got us both Mad Hatters.  You said they were good.”

“What’s in that?” the lord Bacon asked me.


The gent turned to me.  “Oh wow. Can you handle that?”

The bartender raised his hand and beckoned me to come over.  The drinks were ready.

I guess there’s only one way to find out.