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730pm 8.5.11

Scene: a bus drifting through the city of Los Angeles

I’ve lived in several places throughout LA before I moved into the hub of the city walls.  Several were comfortable but something was always amiss.  The places that excited me the most were always the ones closest to where I could steal glances with those paper skyscrapers.

Moving to the Brewery was the closest I’d come to living amongst the giants in the sky.  It was practically a stone’s throw away from it.  But yet, work contracts seemed to constantly pull me back towards the west side- as if to tease me saying “Not just yet.”

What is it about some silly tall buildings that takes my breath away?  Why does this place draw me in and push me away?  Maybe it wasn’t ready.  Maybe I wasn’t ready.

“Are you ready Dr. Jones?” I’d said to him that night.

The city, she is not a gentle woman.  The stresses of striving to make it all fall into place will only work to your disadvantage.  She will let you if she wants to, when she wants to.

The best advice to anyone coming here is to work hard and let life happen.  Goals and dreams are fantastic but you should always keep your eyes open to the labyrinth of opportunities accessible if you only allow them a way in.  If you expect nothing, you will naught be disappointed.  If your heart is true.  If the woman desires, she will grant you permission to her grand castle.

This passage through the sea of dreams and stars, I will admit was written in the future.  A knowing future.  An excited present.

Tomorrow will be yet another day I get to wake up next to you my dear Los Angeles.  You are the lover that I won’t kick out of bed.

“Los Angeles is my first and only love.” he whispered to me that night.

Too right darling boy.  Too right.  Too right.

(Right now at least.)

But I’m enjoying every last moment of it.